Monday, June 15, 2009

Justin Samson

Beyond the tool of nomenclature, Justin Samson’s portal sculpture “The Hyper Dimensional Vagina” will use the external stereotypes of tribal aesthetics and science fiction to imply “new beginnings” and “new discoveries” for the traffic flow entering/ exiting the P.I.F.A.S. Place Project. Standing 8-feet tall and constructed from banal products of commodity, "The Hyper Dimensional Vagina" will also casually address the shifting line between vulgar fetishes and technological ideologies that is at the core of Samson's work.

A performance will accompany "The Hyper Dimensional Vagina" on July 10th. Also, a self-released book entitled: "Inside the Cosmic Motion Picture Projector" will be on sale. This book will include images of work made by Samson for an exhibition of the same name that took place earlier this year. Photographs of this show can be seen at:

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