Monday, June 15, 2009

Matt Savitsky and Nina Schwanse

Roommates Matt Savitsky and Nina Schwanse plan to exhibit a bifurcated project entitled "Street DJ", which will re-stage and present elements of their street-level environment.

A description of the installation is located below:

"Street DJ was conceived from living in the Italian market, the center of which is based upon an antiquated model of our 'free market' system. The site’s dense multicultural operation relies on what we contribute and demarcate as territory locally without the competition of the corporate agenda. Matt Savitsky and Nina Schwanse have collaborated to construct an off site installation that resembles a man’s street-level living area below their apartment. It is a rugged shelter-cum-fruit stand that houses a television looping several ‘commercials’ where the artists impersonate roles drawn from constructed advertisement models."

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