Monday, June 15, 2009

Liz Rywelski

“Money Me” is a financial ranking and filing graphic display project, which Liz Rywelski will debut at the Queue. In a shorthand description, this long-term project will present the “financial profiles” presented by volunteers and redistribute this data as a headshot overlaid by a RichText file.

The reason for using this unique way of presenting information to facilitate interaction, in favor of a grid system, is explained by the artist in her mission statement:

“In a RichText File, every code is unique to an image just like a finger print. I am shooting large format/high resolution portraits of people from all income brackets and converting them into RTF’s. The portrait will be a tight cropping of the face, (think passport photo, or Chuck Close portraits). So each portrait will create a unique code, just as each person has a face unique to his own. Than, I will incorporate the subject’s financial profile, Net-Worth, and Debt-to-Income Ratio into the RTF. This augments the file and creates glitches in the image, also unique to ones personal numbers. The final image is a big beautiful and colorful, stressed out and glitched up file that translates into a unique Portrait.”

To participate, contact the artist at:

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