Monday, June 15, 2009

Lindsay A. Howard

In the sterile environments of art and archeological museums, utilitarian objects are often cobbled together to create dense spectacles or present a curator’s personal monologue. Although “unharmed," once these functional items are placed in vitrines they are stripped of their vital purposes. The Museum of Sex in New York plays with these restrictions and prohibitions in their playful exhibition of RealDolls.

Although completed fantasies are technically kept at abeyance, compulsive patrons can feel the articulated genitals of these high-end silicone rubber erotic products through holes cut out of its display case. By standing in for the female Realdoll, Lindsay A. Howard's project "Real-realdoll" will shape itself to the contours of this display to bring this immobile sex object to life as responsive, REALlife RealDoll. This will, consequently, render viewers either voyeurs or participants.

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